The Witches of Eileanan


Meghan looked directly into the dragon's topaz eyes for the first time... She had a sensation of time rolling away, vast vistas of years, the swing […]

The Pool of Two Moons

Rumours in the countryside tell o' a prophecy - they say a winged man will come to save the land, bearing the lost lodestar in his […]

The Cursed Towers

Ye who have betrayed us so, I lay this curse upon ye!.. May ye be forever piteous but have none pity ye, may ye long for […]

The Forbidden Land

We have come because His Highness Lachlan MacCuinn has requested the help o' your daughter Fionnghal,' Enit replied quietly. 'She has particular skills that the Rìgh […]

The Skull of the World

'Sign of the Soul-Sage, a good omen for your quest,' the Soul-Sage said. 'A sign of death as well as wisdom, though, remember. Change ahead for […]

Fathomless Caves

'I saw the scaly sea rise and flood the land, the Red Wanderer like a bloody gash in the sky. That is when they will come, […]

Rhiannon’s Ride

The Shining City

Synopsis Imprisoned in Sorrowgate Tower, Rhiannon awaits trial for murder and treason, while her winged horse, Blackthorn, flies forlornly over Lucescere, the Shining City, her bond […]

The Heart of Stars

Lord Malvern swore he would have revenge on Lachlan the Winged for the death of his brother and nephew. Now Lachlan is dead, and his children […]

Tower Of Ravens

One-Horn's daughter is not like the other satyricorns. Born of a human father, she has failed to grow the horns so prized by her kind. Soon […]