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5 easy ways to discover replica Rolex

5 easy ways to discover replica Rolex watches

Rolex is so famous that it is actually synonymous with the luxury replica watches category and a symbol of success itself. No wonder Rolex is copied in many ways.

Over the years, Replica Watches have met the demand by producing high-quality fake watches. In fact, from a well-trained point of view, many Rolex replicas can be almost exactly the same as their real copies, it's not that replica watch experts simply cannot distinguish them from true or false.

Here are some of his tips for discovering the real and fake Rolex:

Movement noise

1. The cheapest fake is easy to find because of the movement of the quartz dial. The second hand stammers in the replica watches Rolex, while the real Rolex has a smooth second hand movement. If you're still unsure of the difference between a 'pause' second hand and a 'smooth' second hand, listen carefully - real Rolex shouldn't make a ticking sound.

Metallic quality

2. Rolex does not manufacture 14k gold or gold plated watches or bracelets. The real Rolex is stainless steel, 18k gold or platinum. If you see a replica Rolex watches with faded gold or gold with metal underneath it is fake.


3. Rolex watches replica have a sealed back. Few vendors can easily open the cabinet to reflect the movement, so we need to carefully observe the outside of the cabinet. Rolex etched the model (case) between the cams at 12 o'clock and the serial number between the cams at 6 o'clock. After 2005, Rolex began engraving the serial number on the internal bezel under the crystal at 6 a.m. Counterfeit Rolex usually has an incorrect model number, which can be detected by a simple Google search.


4. Last but not least, the real cyclops on replica Rolex face will increase the date. It's hard to copy, so most fake timepieces skip this step and the date shows the same size.


5. If it feels very light it is wrong. Fake Rolex watches are usually lighter, while genuine replica Rolex watches are made of high-quality metal and the weight will increase significantly.

I hope the above methods can help you. Have a nice day. If you want to buy high quality replica watches, you can follow replicamagic.to

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