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Dr Kate Forsyth is an award -winning author, poet,  and storyteller.

Fairy tales are as old as language itself.

In the beginning, such tales of wonder were told by a storyteller to an audience, in the darkness of a long winter to while away the hours, in a marketplace to amuse and beguile the passerbys, to young men and women about to set forth on their life’s journey, to teach and warn and to give them the tools they needed to survive.

The motifs and metaphors of these stories created a universal language that all humans share. For each culture has its own myths, folklore and fairy tales, and many of them are strikingly similar despite the vast distances that separate those that told the tale. In this series of long forgotten fairy-tales, author Kate Forsyth and illustrator Lorena Carrington work together to bring tales of wisdom, compassion and courage to life for the modern-day reader.

These enchantingly beautiful books will transform the way you think about fairy tales.

Vasilisa the Wise & Other Tales of Brave Young Women

For many young women, the only fairy-tales they know are the ones that have been retold by Walt Disney Studios.

Once upon a time, these stories of magical transformation were meant for young women as they grew away from childhood and towards adulthood. They were told by their mothers and grandmothers and the wise women of the clan as they spun and wove and stirred their pots and made their potions.

The heroines of these old tales set out on a difficult road of trials to discover their true destiny. And, contrary to popular opinion, marrying a prince was not the only goal. These ancient tales of wonder and adventure are about learning to be strong, brave, kind and true hearted, and trusting in yourself to change the world for the better.

The Buried Moon & Other Tales of Bright Young Women

All of the seven tales in this collection have one thing in common. They are stories of young women who face darkness and danger, but who prevail against the odds because of the brightness of their spirit and the strength of their resolve.

These stories of bright young women will remind readers of their own inner radiance, which gives them power to illuminate the whole world.

Snow White, Rose Red & Other Tales of Kind Young Women

An enchanting collection of little-known fairy tales about young women who prevail because of their kindness and compassion

With an introduction by Isobelle Carmody, Snow White, Rose Red & Other Tales of Kind Young Women contains tales from Germany, Slovenia, Ireland and the Scottish Travellers.


The Gardener’s Son & the Golden Bird & Other Tales of Gentle Young Men

An empowering collection of little known fairy tales about young men who know that kindness and compassion is the best kind of courage.

With an introduction by Jack Zipes, The Gardener’s Son and the Golden Bird & Other Tales of Gentle Young Men contains tales from Russia, Scotland, Iraq, England, Wales, Greece, Ireland and the Appalachian Mountains.


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