”Surrender yourself to a master storyteller”

- Susan Vreeland

The Crimson Thread

In Nazi - occupied Crete, a young woman risks her life to hide two Allied soldiers from the Germans…

“There’s a reason why Kate Forsyth is one of Australia’s most beloved storytellers-it’s because she writes such enchanting tales.” - Natasha Lester, New York Times bestselling author of The Riviera House

The Crimson Thread

“Love, jealousy, war, espionage, and myth combine in a tale as complex and beguiling as Ariadne's labyrinth I couldn't put it down!” - Kate Quinn, New York Times Bestselling author of The Diamond Eye

I have always wanted
to be a writer

I have wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. I was writing stories and poems from the time I could first hold a pencil and I wrote my first novel when I was only seven.

I think it’s because I have always loved books so much. It doesn’t matter what is happening to you in your own life – whether you are sick or sad or lonely – books are a magical gateway to other worlds and other times. For a while you walk around in someone else’s shoes, and you travel their journey of discovery with them. When you come back to your own body, in your own place and time, you have changed. You have grown.

So books are a true kind of magic.

Bitter Greens

A dark and sensuous reinvention of the Rapunzel fairy-tale, inspired by the extraordinary true story of one of the tale's first tellers, Charlotte-Rose de la Force.

‘Deserves to win the Booker … truly spellbinding’
- Simon Savidge

Five Things You Couldn’t Know About Me:

  • I’ve struggled with a stutter all my life
  • My favourite things to do are read, write, swim in the sea, walk in the country, and travel the world with my family
  • My signature perfume is ‘Eau de Joy’ by Jean Rochas
  • I’ve kept a secret diary since I was eleven years old
  • I fell in love with my husband at first sight

Searching for Charlotte

People often ask why writing is so important to me. But like anything to do with human desire, it’s hard to explain in a soundbite. Writing makes me happy. Writing helps me think, understand and express myself. Writing is almost as natural and necessary to me as breathing.

And writing is in my blood. I come from a long line of writers, stretching back hundreds of years. And
that family history sparked one of the most joyous yet challenging books I have ever written….

“Written by two of Australia’s most gifted writers.” - Magpies

Listening on Audible

Discover True Stories

of brilliant women unjustly forgotten by history
Beauty in Thorns

Beauty in Thorns

Inspired by the fascinating lives of Lizzie Siddal, Jane Morris and Georgie Burne-Jones, the wives, muses & mistresses of the Pre-Raphaelites…
Beauty in Thorns

The Beast’s Garden

Inspired by the little-known true story of the women of the Berlin underground resistance to Hitler…
Beauty in Thorns

The Wild Girl

The heart-wrenching untold story of Dortchen Wild, the young woman who told the Grimm brothers many of the world’s most beloved fairy tales…

Long-Lost Fairy Tales

In this series of long-lost fairy tales from around the world, Kate Forsyth works with illustrator Lorena Carrington to bring tales of wisdom, compassion, and courage to life for the modern-day reader.

These enchantingly beautiful books will transform the way you think about fairy tales.

“I am famously fascinated by fairy tales – I love their wild beauty and their hidden claws.”
- Kate Forsyth

Book Clubs

Kate Forsyth speaks at bookshops, libraries,
schools, and book clubs around the world. If you’d
like her to join you, either in person or online,
please contact her here.


‘Alchemy’ is a bold and beautiful collaboration
between two very different artists.
Kate Forsyth is an award-winning novelist, poet, and storyteller. Wendy Sharpe is one of Australia’s most acclaimed and awarded artists.

Together they pour their words and images into an imaginative crucible to create a powerful narrative
of a woman’s life.

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