Monique Mulligan

Forsyth held the audience spellbound as she shared where her love of fairy tales originated. Her oral storytelling abilities are amazing – audience members were mesmerised, some brushing away tears ...

Therese Noble

I was privileged to be able to attend Kate's History, Mystery and Magic course in the Cotswolds in 2014. My most endearing and enduring impression is of her indefatigable generosity. She shared her experiences, her knowledge, her talents, and expertise with so unreservedly.

But about that expertise. After the course was completed I felt equipped to proceed with my own work in progress, I took lots of notes and I have referred to them often. Every time I do I am filled with gratitude to Kate. I think I speak for the rest of her students then when I say we are waiting for a Phase 2.

Kate is much more than a wonderful writer, she loves her craft so much she seems to need to spread the joy.

Robin Riedstra

Kate Forsyth's insight into planning, creating, and fixing a novel is unparalleled. She can give better advice on hearing an outline than most people can after reading the whole novel. Her immense knowledge about the craft of storytelling means that she always delivers lessons that educate and inspire When I see a new course come up by Kate I look forward to enrolling.

Krys Saclier

The History, Mystery and Magic Tour in England was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Mornings were spent with Kate casting a spell over us in writing workshops. The teaching went beyond the mere mechanics of writing, but what makes a reader love what you write. Afternoons and evenings were lost in the beauty of England with Kate showing us the most magical places. If you get the chance to go - you will remember it forever.

Leonie Exel

I spent a blissful ten days on Skyros Island (in Greece) learning from Kate. Don't hesitate to go to any seminar or course she is running, it was fantastic.

Rachel Capps

Over a decade ago I had the pleasure of attending one of Kate's workshops and the days are etched in my mind forever. Kate showed a way to tackle living with writing I admire."

(I had a stroke so I can't hold a paperback or hardcover. Just happy to help.)

Kiana Sheridan

"Kate speaks the way she writes, with incredibly magical detail, honesty, thought and beauty, and a lyrical voice that paints a picture so perfectly, it's as if you are sitting around an intimate camp fire, being engrossed in a captivatingly poignant tale. She is a natural born storyteller, both in her writing and in person. An encounter with Kate leaves you walking away feeling enlightened, delighted, mesmerised and wishing for more, just like the fairytales that influence her and her incredible work."

Sarah Mayor Cox

Having booked Kate to speak at Text Marks the Spot in Bendigo a number of years ago, I can guarantee what a great speaker she is. She brings all her curiosity for knowledge and attention to detail when storytelling to her sessions. She is a delight from an organiser's point of view too - so generous and authentic with her audiences - and genuinely interested in the young people who come to hear her speak. She is making a huge contribution to narrative non-fiction too with her original approach to research. Just as she does in her tales, Kate weaves the magic of history and long lost people and their voices into her sessions.

Paula Boer

Kate's fiction masterclass was the best I have ever attended and solidified so many elements of good story telling for me. Not only was Kate fun and interesting, she shared tools for making writing loglines and synopsis easier, as well as enthusing me to kill those darlings. Thanks Kate!

Elise McCune

Kate Forsyth’s masterclass at Trinity Winter Workshop was wonderful. Kate has a way of presenting her class that is unique and makes anyone feel they can be a published author. The class was so enjoyable that I booked again and went the following year. It was Kate’s classes that helped me on my way to publication. Her knowledge of the craft of writing is outstanding and her way of conveying this knowledge is like spending a day with a special friend.

Melissa Wray

I was lucky enough to attend an editing masterclass with Kate. Her passion was inspiring and her knowledge incredible. But most of all I left with the tools and confidence of being able to edit my own work which was exactly what I needed. Thanks to Kate I still highlight my work when editing. Best. Tip. Ever!

Cate Whittle

Building Castles in the Air with Kate Forsyth was one of the most informative and interesting workshops I have ever attended - and heaps of fun, at the same time. Kate is a generous teacher with so much to share. I never miss the opportunity to promote her workshops to other writers, and would be first in line next time around, too!

Nicole Priest

I attended Kate's History, Mystery and Magic in the Cotswolds in 2014. Kate is such an inspiring writer and teacher. Every moment of her workshops is spent wisely, providing students with the tools to create amazing fictional worlds for themselves. I learned so much in a short time and it has improved my writing enormously. If you have the opportunity to attend I would highly recommend this workshop, and indeed any of Kate's workshops for an enriching experience.

Paula Beavan

In 2013 I attended Kate’s History, Mystery & Magic course at AWC in Sydney. I loved the way Kate interacted with the 30 plus students and managed to connect to each of us very quickly. I learned a lot that weekend, but the best bit was that Kate sowed the seed for me to attend the course she was running in the Cotswolds the next year. I saved and set off on for the UK the following September.

Kate taught us a lot during that week, about planning, research, and editing, but the thing that sticks with me more than the technical side of writing, which Kate explained wonderfully, was her excitement for each of us. She has a knack of immediately relating to the story ideas we shared and helping each student develop those tiny kernels into a plot. Her encouragement and enthusiasm was unbridled and she taught me to be brave. I think that was the best lesson of all.

Erin O'Neill

I did the History, Mystery and Magic course at the AWC with Kate and that was my first exposure to her work. Was amazed at her honesty about her life and writing as well as her friendliness with us students- even organising us all to eat lunch together during the break. I remember chatting to her about the bodily reaction/science of writing (short sentences causes you to take more breaths which increases your heart rate- which is why you see it in action and crime novels). This blew me away and will stay with me. Highly recommend doing a course or hearing her speak as she is a wealth of knowledge!! Will be doing another one for sure!

Rebecca Smedley

Kate is a generous and inspiring teacher whose passion for her craft is contagious. She actually makes sense out of all the confusing and contradictory writing advice out there. The best thing I ever did was enrol in one of her classes... and then another. Thank you Kate!

Sandie Docker

I have done two courses with Kate and she is a passionate and generous teacher. What she doesn't know about crafting a great story, isn't worth knowing. If you get the chance to a course with Kate, take it. You will learn so much.

Joe Wrin

I attended Pacing and Structure with Kate 2 years ago and found it covered so much more than its title. Kate educated us on writing as a way of life rather than a mere activity. I am indebted to her for communicating her passion for the written word and helping me along with my own project. If you ever find an opportunity to attend one of her workshops, do yourself a favour and show up. You'll never regret it.

Leanne Burns

I've attended Kate's History, Mystery and Magic class and her plotting and planning class both at the Australian Writers Centre in Sydney. Both weekend courses were absolutely amazing. Kate is so passionate about writing and teaching others to write and follow their writing dreams. She was so inspiring and knowledgeable that I started writing straight away on my train ride home and haven't stopped since!

Morgan Bell

Kate is very generous with her time and knowledge. Her workshop felt like a brainstorming session with friends. She explained the three act structure, how to identify the protagonist, and some practical techniques for expanding a story idea into a novel or series.

Carolyn Ansky

I attended a book launch for The Wild Girl at Cleveland Library about three years ago and again at Wynnum for another new book launch. It was the first time I heard you speak that I was captivated by your storytelling and writing. I absolutely fell in love with The Wild Girl and also Bitter Greens and have been buying your books ever since! It is the magic that you create that fulfils my imagination and dreams which stays with audiences forever.

Anne-Marie McArdle

Kate is an inspiration to us all. Great Story Doctor workshop at The Writers'Centre. I felt privileged to attend. Incredible style of delivery ,she had us all participating and ensured individual feedback. Great take away and encouragement to improve our manuscripts. Thanks Kate.

Jeffrey E Doherty

Kate has the amazing talent of writing beautiful books for both adults and children. Her words bring a little magic to the page and the imagination. I'm sure the writing course I did with Kate a few years ago played an important role in snagging my first publishing contract. Kate is a truly inspiring writer and tutor. Thank you Kate.

Jade Harris

Whilst I have not had the opportunity to attend one of Kate Forsyth's workshops (but have looked upon them with envy), I was lucky enough to hear Kate speak at Supanova and also to talk to her afterwards at a readers' get-together. I found Kate to be an inspiring speaker with many interesting stories to tell (of course!). She was very approachable and easy to talk to, and I would certainly go to a talk by Kate again!


I just finished in the Beasts garden and cannot wait for the new book. I love the magical intertwine of myth and Fairytale into a rousing good story. Thanks for the wonderful stories also love the audio versions.


Although I have yet to attend one of Kate's workshops - I fruitlessly pine whenever I hear of one - I have had the privilege of hearing her speak at Supanova on multiple occasions, and have held wonderful and enlightening discussions with her at multiple book signings. She is a truly talented writer, and speaker, and is very generous with her stories and advice. She has certainly inspired me to keep writing, and to keep working towards my dream of being published. Her advice has been incredibly helpful in my efforts, and I honestly cannot wait to (hopefully) attend a future class of hers. Thank you, Kate!fake rolex

Maggie Baron

I arranged a weekend course with Kate several years ago. Her insights to the craft of writing along with her generosity made the course rich and rewarding.


So excited to see Kate's finished another story. These are actually what I've bought my sister for Christmas. Every time I see a new book by Kate I buy a second (and normally a third) copy as gifts for people who ask me what to read.

Ianthe Russell

When I read a book I hope for layers, for poetry, for depth. Above all I want to slip into a new world unimagined till now. Kate Forsyth, thank you for giving me the quotes I share and for reveries dreamed and MOST importantly for magic!

Joanne Sandhu

I have attended many of Kate’s workshops and talks over the last ten years, and each time I do, I learn something new and wonderful that not only enriches my own writing, but enriches my spirit. She is warm, funny and sincere, and shares her stories with honesty and enthusiasm.

Caroline Welkin

Kate is inspiring in her application of storytelling to historic works. It was a pleasure and privilege to learn from her at Sydney Storytelling Conference 2016. I haven't enjoyed a novel as much in years as I did hers, and having finished the first of these treats (for me), I am looking forward to tracking down many more.

Mavis Vespa

Kate, I heard you at Brisbane Writers Festival so inspiring and a great story teller. I have just finished 'The Wild Girl' just brilliant and just about to start 'The Beasts Garden'

Cindy Wormsbecker

I loved Bitter Greens. I just added The Wild Girl to my TBR queue. And need to add The Beasts Garden. The covers are gorgeous and the stories a magical weave of tale and truth. My favorite!

Emma Woods

The Writing in the Cotswolds retreat with Kate Forsyth was amazing. We stayed in the ridiculously picturesque village of Broadway in a 16th century hotel and lost ourselves in history and magic, visiting literary locations such as Shakespeare's birthplace Stratford-upon-Avon. Kate's classes were incredibly helpful and covered a wide range of topics. With the skills I learnt I was able to achieve my writing goals - I finished my first novel and had it accepted into a national emerging writers mentorship program. I also met some wonderful people who have now become precious friends. What more could you ask for from a writing retreat? swiss replica watches

Carol Warner

The week-long course was educational and highly organised. I learnt more through Kate Forsyth's teaching than any other course I've undertaken and exceeded my expectations. She was a fantastic presenter, in group form and individual support. Kate kept me inspired, motivated, and she helped take my writing to the next level.

Niamh Griffin

I could never have envisioned what a fantastic experience this overseas adventure could be prior to journeying to the Cotswolds. The mystery around what to expect revealed that Kate is a knowledgeable and natural teacher. She is generous in sharing her wisdom and is incredibly encouraging. I quickly discovered what Kate has to offer cannot be learned from a book. She is a truly gifted author and to be on the receiving end of her teaching is a privilege. My imagination was ignited and I've been writing nearly every day ever since.

I enrolled in the History, Mystery and Magic Tour with Kate Forsyth because I hoped the experience would enable me to overcome some blocks I was experiencing with my writing.

Kellie Watson

The results for me have been fantastic. I have been able to look at my work with fresh eyes and overcome some major hurdles. What I liked most about the tour beside the wonderful countryside, is that under Kate’s professional and helpful guidance I managed to get to the core of the issue with my novel. The experience in the Cotswolds was undoubtedly the most significant for me in learning how to develop a novel. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels stuck with some aspect of their creative work and wants to rediscover the magic.fake omega 007 online breitling replica

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