The Forbidden Land

We have come because His Highness Lachlan MacCuinn has requested the help o' your daughter Fionnghal,' Enit replied quietly. 'She has particular skills that the Rìgh is in dire need o'.'

'Aye, thieving and deceiving and sneaking about like that wicked cat o' hers,' her mother said with bitter shame in her voice. 'Very well, take her. She does no' wish to be here anyway.'


Finn the Cat is bored with life as a banprionnsa. Nothing ever seems to happen at Castle Rurach, and she's always getting into trouble. A caravan of jongleurs arrive to break the monotony, but this is no ordinary caravan. Led by Dide the Juggler, the jongleurs have come on behalf of the Rìgh. Once again it seems as if Lachlan the Winged has particular need of someone with Finn's peculiar abilities...

Setting out on a clandestine journey that will take them beyond the Great Divide and into the Forbidden Land, the companions must face dangers that will test their courage and resolve to breaking point ... and beyond.

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