Meghan looked directly into the dragon’s topaz eyes for the first time… She had a sensation of time rolling away, vast vistas of years, the swing of planets and stars. Sunsets bloomed above her head, clouds raced away, the world spun on its axis and the dragon’s eyes glittered cold…

A tale of dark mysteries, dire enchantments and dangerous quests, Dragonclaw is the first in a gripping fantasy series, The Witches of Eileanan. Published in the US under its series title, it debuted at No 8 on Locus Magazine’s bestseller list, and was short-listed for the 1997 Aurealis Awards in Australia.

The Witches of Eileanan


Meghan looked directly into the dragon's topaz eyes for the first time... She had a sensation of time rolling away, vast vistas of years, the swing […]

The Pool of Two Moons

Rumours in the countryside tell o' a prophecy - they say a winged man will come to save the land, bearing the lost lodestar in his […]

The Cursed Towers

Ye who have betrayed us so, I lay this curse upon ye!.. May ye be forever piteous but have none pity ye, may ye long for […]

The Forbidden Land

We have come because His Highness Lachlan MacCuinn has requested the help o' your daughter Fionnghal,' Enit replied quietly. 'She has particular skills that the Rìgh […]

The Skull of the World

'Sign of the Soul-Sage, a good omen for your quest,' the Soul-Sage said. 'A sign of death as well as wisdom, though, remember. Change ahead for […]

Fathomless Caves

'I saw the scaly sea rise and flood the land, the Red Wanderer like a bloody gash in the sky. That is when they will come, […]

Rhiannon’s Ride

The Shining City

Synopsis Imprisoned in Sorrowgate Tower, Rhiannon awaits trial for murder and treason, while her winged horse, Blackthorn, flies forlornly over Lucescere, the Shining City, her bond […]

The Heart of Stars

Lord Malvern swore he would have revenge on Lachlan the Winged for the death of his brother and nephew. Now Lachlan is dead, and his children […]

Tower Of Ravens

One-Horn's daughter is not like the other satyricorns. Born of a human father, she has failed to grow the horns so prized by her kind. Soon […]