Picture Books – 2+
November 21, 2018

Dragon Gold

Cover art by Mitch Vane Synopsis With these magic words, I begin my spell. Hear me, first star, hear me well. Send me dragon’s gold, from […]

Two Selkie Stories from Scottland

Two Selkie Stories from Scotland, retold by Kate Forsyth and illustrated by Fiona McDonald. In this book, two beautiful traditional Scottish fairy tales, ‘The Selkie Bride’ […]

I Am

“I am Tim. I am four and three quarters. Next year I will go to school. This year I’m exploring the world.” A lyrical story about […]

Grumpy Grandpa

Synopsis: When Grandpa wakes, he’s cross and cranky. He honks like an elephant into his hanky … A delightful story about visiting Grandpa and discovering that […]