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The Impossible Quest

Coming February

Four unlikely heroes
Four mysterious gifts
Four impossible tasks
Five thrilling books

The Impossible Quest is set in the far away land of Wolfhaven. It tells the story of four friends who are forces into undertaking an impossible quest to try and awaken the legendary sleeping warriors of the past.

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The Chain of Charms series

Do you like mysteries and adventures? Have you always wanted a pet monkey? Does the idea of creeping down a secret passage send a delicious shiver down your spine? Then you are going to love reading The Chain of Charms series!

Luka and Emilia, thirteen-year old Romany children, set out on a perilous journey to find six lucky charms that will, they hope, help them to save their families from the gallows.

Together they flee across the English countryside, accompanied by their animals – a mischievous monkey called Zizi, an Arab mare named Alida, a big shaggy dog named Rollo, and a dancing bear called Sweetheart.

Over the course of the six books, Luka and Emilia tangle with spies, smugglers, highwaymen, witches, and impoverished aristocrats, and must out-run and out-wit a vindictive thief-taker called Coldham. On the way, they find themselves caught up in a dangerous plot to restore the exiled king of England to his throne.

These books are full of action, suspense, humour, magic, and real-life history. Luka and Emilia go to real places on their adventures, and meet people who truly existed. Reading these books, you can discover all sorts of amazing things about gypsies – why they like eating hedgehogs, for example – and what life was like in the time of Oliver Cromwell, a general who cut off the head of the king of England and set himself up to rule in his place.

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The Chronicles of Estelliana

A series of three novels for readers aged 12+, set in a faraway land of magic and monsters, valiant heroes and wicked villains. Each book tells the story of a new generation of heroes who must each fight their own battle before peace can at last come to the embattled land of Estelliana.

I have always loved books filled with adventure, magic, romance, and humour, stories set long, long ago and far, far away. When I set out to write the ‘Chronicles of Estelliana’, I wanted to recapture the feel of the books I had loved so much as a child, books like The Princess BrideThe Hobbit and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Each novel can be read by itself, though I’d recommend you read them all in order.

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Books for Younger Readers

‘Ben and Tim’s Magical Misadventures’ are a series of funny, action-packed tales about a family who keep getting into trouble with magic. Dragon Gold tells the story of what happens when Ben decides to try and conjure up some dragon treasure and gets a dragon instead. Wishing For Trouble is the story of a magical wishing ring and what happens when you waste all the wishes on silly things like ham and pineapple pizza. Sea Magic is the story of four children, a mer-boy and a robotic shark. For ages 6+.

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When Grandpa wakes, he’s cross and cranky. He honks like an elephant into his hanky … A delightful story about visiting Grandpa and discovering that people are not quite what they seem. Available 1st April 2012! Read More

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I Am is a lyrical picture book about the day in the life of an adventurous and imaginative boy. For pre-schoolers and kindergarten students. Read More

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In this book, two beautiful traditional Scottish fairy tales, ‘The Selkie Bride’ and ‘In the Kingdom of the Seals’, are brought to enchanting and haunting new life by two creators who are themselves eerily linked to the magical world of the shape-shifting selkies. Read More

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