The Starthorn Tree

Pedrin is a hearthkin boy, forced to labour for the hated starkin Lisandre is a starkin princess, living in luxury in the Castle of Estelliana
Briony is a foundling child brought up by a wildkin witch
Durrik can tell the future ...

The young Count of Estelliana lies in an enchanted sleep and no-one can wake him. Durrik, the son of the town bellringer, foretells the Count will die if he is not woken before the last petal falls from the starthorn tree.

The Lord Regent is enraged by Durrik's prophecy and so he and his best friend Pedrin find themselves catapulted into the greatest adventure of their lives. On the run, pursued through the Perilous Forest by the Regent's soldiers, they seek to find the truth behind the curse that has struck down the Count.

That same night, the count's beautiful and haughty sister Lady Lisandre escapes the castle, in company with her serving-maid Briony. Lisandre is determined to break the spell upon her brother, and Briony knows of a witch who has a magic pool where one can find the answer to any question ...

The Wildkin's Curse

Zedrin is a starkin lord and heir to the Castle of Estelliana.
Merry is a hearthkin boy, the son of the rebel leader.
Liliana is a wildkin girl, with uncanny magical powers.

Time-honoured enemies, these three must journey together on a secret mission to rescue a wildkin princess kept captive in a crystal tower. Princess Rozalina is not only imprisoned, but also muzzled. She has the power to enchant with words – she can conjure up a plague of rats or wish the dead out of their graves. When she casts a curse, it has such power it will change her world forever.

The Wildkin's Curse is a book about the power of stories to set us free.


Read more about some of the inspirations behind The Wildki's Curse

The Starkin Crown

Prince Peregrine bears the blood of wildkin, hearthkin and starkin, and so is the only hope for peace

Jack is a hearthkin boy, and his faithful squire and best friend

Lady Grizelda is a starkin girl, come to warn them of coming danger

Prince Peregrine, rightful heir to the starkin and wildkin crowns, longs for adventure. But Vernisha the Vile, who seized the starkin throne, seeks to destroy Peregrine, his family, and all the wildkin of Ziva.

With Stormfell Castle besieged, Peregrine flees with his best friend, Jack, and Lady Grizelda – a starkin girl who risked her life to warn them of the coming attack. Together they seek the long-lost Spear of the Storm King, once prophesised to be the only weapon able to destroy the starkin throne.

But danger is never far behind. A hunter is on their trail, and someone close doesn’t want them to succeed …

The Starkin Crown is the magical conclusion to The Starthorn Tree and The Wildkin’s Curse.

‘A rollicking fantasy with three young heroes at the centre, who encounter fearsome beasts, murder, and betrayal in their desperate desire to protect what is right and save the ones they love most.
Deborah Abela

‘This is the kind of book that I would have completely adored as a kid. It would be broken-spined, full of bent pages and stains from being carried around and read over and over and over. I really can't recommend this enough for young readers!’
The Book Nerd Club

‘I absolutely loved The Starkin Crown and if you are an avid fantasy reader you will love it too’
Momo – Celebrating Time to Read

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