The 50-50 Project

The 50-50 Project

My birthday in June took me a stride closer to a significant birthday and so I thought I would compile a list of things I want to do and places I want to go … maybe one day.

Travel & Adventure

1. See Uluru at sunset
2. Walk the Great Wall of China (perhaps not all of it)
3. Sail the Greek islands
4. Go to Prague
5. See the Northern Lights dancing across the sky
6. Visit Green Gables, Prince Edward Island, Canada
7. Have a White Christmas with a sleigh ride under the stars
8. Travel to the South Sea Islands
9. Celebrate the summer solstice at an ancient circle of stones
10. Go to Cornwall & visit Tintagel Castle & the Witches' Museum
11. See where the Bronte sisters grew up and wrote their books
12. Kiss the blarney stone in Ireland
13. Swim with wild dolphins & whales
14. Visit the Emily Dickinson museum (after reading all her poems again)
15. Ride an elephant in India & see the Taj Mahal
16. See the white garden at Sissinghurst Castle, Kent
17. Go to Spain and walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrims trail (or some of it, at least)
18. Go on safari and see the Victoria Falls
19. Swim in the Blue Grotto in Capri
20. Stay in a villa on Lake Como, Italy
21. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria
22. Walk from Land’s End to John o’ Groats in Great Britain
23. Celebrate Carnivale in Venice
24. Visit the pyramids and the Great Sphinx in Egypt
25. Ride in a helicopter

Things to Achieve

26. Read all my favourite books again
27. Buy an old house in the country with apple trees & foxgloves & roses in the garden (I'd really love an old gatehouse, or a thatched cottage like Old Thatch where Enid Blyton used to live)
28. Learn to scuba dive
29. Take cooking classes in France
30. Read more poetry
31. Get my doctorate
32. Take art classes and paint a picture
33. Sell a million books (and more!)
34. Ride in a hot air balloon
35. Learn to waltz (or do the tango)
36. Stand under a waterfall
37. Learn to take photographs

Improbable Dreams

38. Master another language
39. Buy a red convertible
40. Live in another country (even for a while)
41. Live in a castle
42. Explore the world in a gypsy caravan
43. Have a film made of one of my books
44. Appear in it as a character
45. Have a play or a ballet or a puppet show inspired by one of my books
46. Make the New York Times bestseller list
47. Own a little black Chanel dress
48. Have a maze in my back garden
49. Win a major literary prize
50. Fly everywhere first class

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