February Newsletter

Fabulous February!

I’ve had a wonderfully restorative holiday, but am back at my desk now, scribbling madly away. I’m hard at work on my new novel-in-progress Psykheand planning my research trip to Italy in May. I have crossed the 20,000 mark which means I’m close to a quarter of the way through the novel (I‘m aiming for under 100,000 words!), and can feel the story quickening within me.

You can read all about Psykhe on my writing journal blog here, or follow me on social media for updates and insights. Here is a sneak peek at my Psykhe notebook: 

In other news, we’re having a launch of Alchemy, the book I wrote with Wendy Sharpe, at the Art Gallery of NSW:

Wednesday 22 February 2023


$15  for a non-member

$10 for a member, which includes a complimentary drink in the Members Lounge.

You can book through the art gallery on (02) 9225 1878 – be quick because I heard today spots are filling quickly. 

Here's the blurb:

Alchemy is a bold and beautiful collaboration between two very different artists. Kate Forsyth is an award-winning novelist, poet, and storyteller. Wendy Sharpe is one of Australia’s most acclaimed and awarded artists. Together they pour their words and images into an imaginative crucible to create a powerful narrative of a woman’s life.

Birth to Death.
Child to Crone.
Innocence to Wisdom.
Lead to Gold.

A unique book that combines the best of Kate Forsyth’s writings with the best of Wendy Sharpe’s images-a collage of poems, quotes, and creative reflections layered with photos, drawings, doodles, paintings and found objects.

You can buy it at any good bookstore, or through Upswell Publishing’s website HERE:

Meanwhile, The Crimson Thread was back in the bestseller lists, climbing to No 7 on Audible. Like to listen? Click HERE

Until next time

Kate x

Kate Forsyth
Written by

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